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Social Constructionism

Postmodernists do not believe that reality exists independent of observational processes. Social Constructionism is a psychological expression of this postmodern worldview. its values the clients reality without disputing whether it is accurate or rational.


Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Is a future-focused, goal orientated therapeutic approach to brief therapy developed initially by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg at the Brief Family Therapy Centre in Milwaukee in the early 1980’s. Emphasises the strengths and resiliences of people by focussing on expectations to their problems and their conceptualised solutions.


Positive Psychology

Concentrates on what is right and what is working for people rather than on deficits and weaknesses, and problems.


Exception Questions

Direct clients to times when the problem did not exist, or when it was less intense.



Are those past experiences in a clients life when it would be reasonable to have expected the problem to occur but somehow did not.


Miracle Question

A main SFBT technique. The therapist asks “If a miracle happened and the problem you have was solved overnight how would you know it was solved and what would be different”.


Scaling Questions

Are often asked when change in human experience is not easily observed. Assists clients in noticing that that they are not totally defeated by their problem. From a scale of 1 to 10 how are you feeling right now etc.


Formula First Session Task (FFST)

Is a form of homework a therapist might give clients to complete between their first and second sessions. Clients are asked to observe an aspect of their lives in order to describe it to the therapist next time. At the second session clients are asked what they observed and what they would like to happen in the future.


Externalising Conversations

Counteract oppressive, problem-saturated stories and empower clients feel competent to handle the problems they face.