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A sales associates leads are sorted into five categories. Which is Not one of those categories?

Close friends and family
Targeted friends *


Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, architectural barriers must be removed to maximize accessibility if it is readily achievable to do so. Readily achievable is defined to mean that

The removal of barriers can be accomplished with little difficulty or expense


A sales associate employs a licensed personal assistant. The assistant will prepare CMAs, design property flyers, hold open houses, and prospect for listing appointments. The assistant will be paid a salary of 12$ per hour and 20% of the commissions received by the sales associate. Which method of payment will satisfy all legal requirements?

The associate may pay the salary and withhold taxes, but the broker must pay commissions.


When Sammy started with his new office, his broker suggested he practice filling I. A listing agreement using his own house. This activity will help Sa,,y squire what?

Technical Knowledge


Wilson was preparing a CMA for a three bedroom home in Westlake. One of the three comparable sales he reviewed was smaller by 80 square feet, had an extra garage stall, and was in better condition. He made a 6,000 adjustment for square footage, a $5,000 adjustment for the extra garage stall, and a 3,000 adjustment for condition. Which is CORRECT about his analysis?

The subject home is less valuable than the comparable property


One of the keys to prospecting success is NOT

Technical Knowledge


Larry is making an offer for a new home. He wants to have his spouse's name on the deed in addition to his own, but she won't be present to sign the contract. Larry should

Amend the contract to include his wife's name at closing


The BEST source of listings for a new sales associate is

Sphere of influence


Apartment properties with "adults only" designations are illegal except when

At least 80% of the units have at least one occupant who is at least 55 years of age


John is developing a new strip shopping center in Auburndale. Which parking lot design features must be included to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

There must be at least one accessible space for every 25 total spaces


In Heritage Oaks subdivision, a relatively new neighborhood with 345 homes, the media. Home price is $350,000: last year, 58 houses were sold, a 15% decline from the previous year the TURNOVER INDEX in heritage oaks is


58/345= .16812 rounded is 17%


Sales associate Harold has prepared an appraisal of Smiths' home. The purpose of this was so that his buyers could use the appraisal to secure in financing at Apopka National Bank. Which is NOT correct about this situation?

As long as Harold followed USPAP requirements, his appraisal was legal


When you answer the phone and speak with a prospective buyer, your principal objective should be to

Make an appointment


A fixed-rate, amortized mortgage with 26 payments resulting in a faster loan payoff than the traditional 30-year mortgage is called a

Biweekly mortgage


Which is NOT allowed under the CAN-SPAM Act?

Failure to include an opt-out method in commercial advertisements


A sales associate leans back and joins his hands behind his head while talking with a prospect. The sales associate is giving the impression of



Sylvia had a pool put on her property last year that cost 45,000. This year, she sold her house. The appraiser valued the pool at $12,000. This demonstrates the principal of



A transaction broker had the duty of

Limited confidentiality


A contractor who disturbs paint in a 40-year-old house

Must be certified and follow specific work procedures


Sales associate s find most of their FSBO contacts from

Classified ads


John's home sells for 260,500. Expenses of the sale are 3,800. The brokerage fee is $18,235. Proration so for taxes and interest are $4,450. The mortgage payoff is $162,500. What are the seller's proceeds fro, the sale?


260,500-162,500-3,800-18,235= 71,515


Sales associate Jones is preparing a seller's net statement for Novaks. She estimates a closing date of June 26. Taxes are estimated at 4,000 and interest for June is $3,540. If she rounds to the nearest $100, which entries should she make on the statement

Charge the seller $2,000 for taxes and, to be safe, charge the seller $3,540 interest


Which is NOT a requirement of a successful listing presentation?

Have at least six months' experience in making listing presentations


Which characteristic of a neighborhood is LEAST likely to make it a good farm area

Low price range


A single agent broker must give a brokerage relationship disclosure when a transaction is the

Sale of a condominium


When you explain the pricing process during a listing presentation, you would NOT ordinarily discuss

The requirements of the Fair Housing Act


Brooke wants to earn at least 90,000 next year. She plans that 60% of the income will come from listings sold and 40% from sales made. If the average commission from listings sold is $3,000, how many listings must Brooke sell in order to achieve that portion of her goals?



Florida home inspectors

Must have a high school diploma, complete a 120- hour course and pass a state examination


Which is NOT one of the three types of operating expenses of an income property

Debt service


The pricing pyramid is a visual graphic used in the pricing process showing

That there will be more activity if the property is priced from homes that have been sold.