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Climbing my grandfather

-engagement helps reflects the steady movement and continual learning
-present tense to follow narrators journey
-visual display of lines makes it one solid verse like a mountain but also irregular line length makes it jaggered and uncertain
-childlike language but overall adult like tone, he is growing?


Letters from Yorkshire

-free verse and enhancement almost like a speech could reflect the way seasons continually change yet some half rhyme implies there is a connection but this is barred by the substance
-three line stanza makes it look disjointed and how she feels disconnected from the man
-caesura of ‘still’ highlights contrasting perspectives and life’s
-physical verbs to show ordinary mundane life she romanticises
--language of communication shows how this bridges the distance and figurative language shows how connection is almost spiritual


Neutral tone

-last line of first and last stanza is indented slows the pace of the poem which suggest he is reflecting is sadness of real image
-cyclical structure reflects how he cannot move on and is still bitter
-suffering language suggests painful relationship
-hardy not religious but uses religious imagery, subtly suggests something wrong in their love, he doesn’t believe it could ever work -pessimistic


When we two parted

-regular ABAB rhyme scheme where emphasis falls on certain syllables like ‘cold and kiss’ highlights the speakers pain
-moves between past, present and future to show how how the pain is eternal and no change
-poem consists of 4, 8 line stanzas shows melancholic and lack of emotions
-Byron contradicts gender stereotypes of the time as meant weren’t meant to cry, this combined with his reputation for having affairs but the fact he seems so upset shows how much it meant to him


Love’s philosophy

-form is short and simple to reflect how he believes what he is asking isn’t that much to ask, and the tight structure and rhetorical questions that emphasise contrast between narrators and nature’s situation makes it persuasive
-regular ABAB rhyme scheme except half rhyme shows that everything is in a pair
-enjambement creates a steady flow implying that love should be a natural process yet the fact this is met with a rhetorical question could show his potential annoyance that he isn’t complying


Porphyria’s lover

-dramatic monologue is significant as we don’t hear the women’s voice, inferiority of women in a Victorian society
-asymmetrical rhyme scheme and enjambement suggests the speaker is unstable yet regular rhyme scheme reflects calmness at murder
-events mirror each other, she is dominant than him, a desire to dominate this, also shown through possessive language
-porphyria is a disease causing madness (key theme in browning’s poetry) and porpoises openly challenges Victorian stereotypes
-One long stanza giving the poem a breathless feel perhaps reflecting his desperation but also that he won’t stop at anything


Sonnet 29

- iambic pentameter with emphasise falling on certain specific words that exaggerate how she fantasises over him and to stress the extended metaphor of a tree
-loosely written in Petrarchan form yet the solution arrives in line 7 (two limes earlier than usual) reflecting her impatience. Also very common in EEra but written in VEra so could reflect how their love is timeless and never ending
-transition between problem and solution reflects the differences between thinking and being with her lover
-excited and natural language


Farmer’s bride

-dramatic monologue shoes how wife is submissive and we never hear her voice
-iambic tetrameter gives the poem strong rhythm that drives the narrator forward without being predictable
-rhyming couplets at end of each stanza bar the last one showing a loss of order and sanity
-Mew might have used the wife to reflect her own beliefs about the growing power of women - she was very much a new woman
-natural imagery reflects distance


Walking away

-Lyrical poem usually from first person perspective that expresses strong emotions
-ABACA rhyme scheme could be reflective of the constant paternal love of the speaker and repetition of the A rhyme shows how the memories and pain still effects him today
-enjambement and censure contributes to rhythm making it sound like natural speech
-natural yet painful imagery


Eden rock

-four line stanzas bar the last one with 10 syllables on each line creates a steady structure to mirror the constant love
-final line is separated and could emphasise his current separation from his parents
-half rhymes to create and gentle natural rhythm but also represent how there is a memory there but something is lacking
-uses everyday language in specific detail to create a nostalgic tone



-ABAB rhyme scheme is steady to mirror the stability of the relationship and how love won’t change. But also mimics the neatly plotted straight rows in the fields
-breaks in rhyme scheme with half rhyme might reflect how the boy falls short
-natural and reflective imagery creates ordinary yet admirable tone


Mother any distance

-loosely based on sonnet form to reflect that the child/parent love is there
-irregular rhyme scheme reflects uncertainty and uneven lines of last stanza reflect their bond is at ‘breaking point”
-extended metaphor of measurements that change reflect changing relationship with mother


Before you were mine

-poem is made of four, five line stanzas, consistency reflects the steady passage of time and inevitable changes it brings
-cyclical structure of pavement with differing tones emphasises changes brought
-first person narrative directed at the mother creates a familiar and nostalgic tone, this is reinforced by colloquial language
Possessive language reverses stereotypical roles of kids wanting freedom, she took her mothers away


Winter swans

-poem mostly written in tersets (3line stanzas) making each one look unbalanced and lack of rhyme scheme reflects disjointed relationship. Interesting about a couple so extra like could reflect the burden of difficulty they face. Lack of this in last line implies it has been resolved
-frequent enjambement reflects continuity and working through it
-final stanza is a couplet to show unity and reconciliation
-natural imagery of motion of swans mirrors the natural course of their relationship and how it improves
-one section of direct speech means focus shifts back to the couple showing there is hope for them


Singh song

-phonetically spelling fo words reflects Indian accent to describe English words, signifying fusing of culture. It also helps the reader accept the Indian idiolect that is often made fun off
-no regular rhyme scheme but some rhyme used creates a light hearted tone, repetition of chorus and lack of punctuation makes it sound like a cheerful song
-pace of poem slows towards the end to emphasise the couples closeness and intimacy
-alternates between customer complaints and marriage to show how he neglects his job.