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Author & poems significance?

P.B. Shelley

There are two sets of layers in this poem:

1. First Set of Layers: Layers of Time – The first line of the poem tells us that this happened a loooooong time ago; First person to read lines 10-11

i. King
ii. Sculptor
iii. Time Traveler
iv. The narrator
v. The reader (us)

2. Second set of Layers: Layers of Irony – this line on the statue is supposed to intimidate and cause fear; a. In reference to “look on my work ye mighty and despair”

i. Everything in his kingdom is gone (covered in sand)
ii. He is right, WE should despair – no physical mark we ever make on this planet will survive (gone into oblivion – lost in time and never be remembered). Eventually time and weather will erode it
iii. The poem has memorialized Ozymandias; not because of his statue. He will be remembered, but not as powerful – rather as stupid and vain
1. recreated the statue with words by writing the poem
2. The only reason why we know about Ozymandias
3. The idea that poetry will outlive stone


Song of the men of England

Poet & what poem is about

P.B Shelly