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Before you were mine and climbing my grandfather

-both find comfort and solace in exploring the elder figure, in BYWM this is her past line, in CMG this is at present
-overriding sense the parent figure has seen better days
-nostalgic tone and childlike perspective


Follower and Eden rock?

-both present a desire to reconnect with a family figure creating a nostalgic tone
-both reflect the change in relationship brought about by growing up. In follower the father starts following him in Eden rock distance widens
-analysis of endings, in follower roles diverse in Eden rock they’re on par and a sense of reconciliation


Porphyria’s lover and farmer’s bride

-main female character fails to conform to stereotypes leading to frustration in couple
-both present a sense of possessive love due to a desire to control their lover and close the distance


When we two parted and neutral tones

-both present ongoing bitterness and suffering towards love that has resulted in a problematic relationship
-both present his love initially appears perfect but this fades, fails quickly in WWTP yet a slow depletion in NT
-both reflect a lack of communication so suffer in silence


Walking away and mother any distance

-both present a child breaking away into a new environment which holds a dual nature where the child my thrive of fail, more dangerous in WA as the child is younger
-both present how love will endure through the separation so strong bond is vital, pain much more prevalent in WA


Neutral tones and winter swans

-both use pathetic fallacy and the season of winter to present the death of love
-both use natural imagery to show the natural course of love it must take, combined with religious imagery in Nat creates harsher tone - breakup VS reconciliation


Love’s philosophy and sonnet 29?

-both is natural imagery to highlight distance, metaphorical in LP but physical in S29
-both have a keen urgency to close this distance creating a sense of longing and desire


Sonnet 29 and letters from Yorkshire

-both use natural imagery to reflect not only the boundaries but also strengthens in their relationship
-creates a sense of longing and urgency to close this distance due to a lack of physical presence


Singh song and farmer’s bride?

-both female characters don’t conform to their stereotypes, in farmer’s bride she attempts to leave her husband, in SS she is rebellious and fuses culture
-both express intense passion and longing, it is unrequited in FB but both ways in SS