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Storm on the Island (SOTI) author

Seamus Heaney


SOTI context

Title starts with STORMONT part of Nothern Ireland where fighting happened and then peace agreed after poem was written
Britain sought to exploit Irish Catholics


SOTI form

No rhyme, serious, rigid line length, set before the storm
Lots of enjambment to sound conversational


SOTI quotes

Strange, it is a huge nothing that we fear
We are prepared
Spits like a tame cat / turned savage
Exploding comfortably
We are bombarded by the empty air


Ozymandias (ozy) author

Percy Bysshe Shelley (MAN)


London author

William Blake


Extract from the prelude author

William Wordsworth


My Last Duchess author

Robert Browning


Tissue author

Imtiaz Dharkar


The Emigree author

Carol Rumens


Checking Out Me History author

John Agard


Ozy quotes

A traveller from an antique land
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
My name is Ozymandias, king of kings
The lone and level sands


Prelude quotes

One summer evening (led by her) I found
Troubled pleasure
lustily I dipped my oars into the silent lake
a huge peak, black and huge
Upreared its head, I struck and struck again
There hung a darkness, call it solitude, Or blank desertion


MLD quotes

my last Duchess
perhaps Fra Pandolf chanced to say "Her mantle laps Over my lady's wrist too much"
Half-flush that dies along her throat
My gift of a nine-hundred years-old name
I gave commands; Then all smiles stopped together
Notice Neptune, though, taming a sea-horse


London quotes

I wander through each chartered street
In every cry of every man, in every infant's cry of fear
Every black'ning church appalls
And blights with plagues the marriage hearse
And the hapless soldier's sigh


Ozy context part 1 (literal)

Published in 1918 part of romantic (nature) movement 1780-1830
Imagination + emotion are powerful + precious, must value nature
Ozymandias is Ancient Greek name for Egyptian pharaoh rameses II
Critiques how rameses thought it would last forever
Individual freedom is precious but too often stifled, often by rules and governments, anti-establishment


Ozy metaphorical context

Napoleon Bonaparte
Early 1800, had an empire spanning most of Europe, claimed himself as emperor in 1804
1815- defeated at the battle of Waterloo by Wellington, expelled to a small island, died aged 51
Also critiques him, rule and power can’t last forever


London context

London in 1794, poverty, child labour, smog, war with France
Part of anthology called tales of innocence (naive poems) and experience (negative) this was the only one with no innocence
Politically radical, inspired by French Revolution giving people power
Written in the style of a nursery rhyme with illustrations, memorable


Prelude context part 1 (Wordsworth)

Born in the Lake District, influenced his writing
Went on a walking tour of Europe, saw French Revolution
Had 6 children between 2 wives after the first died, 2 children died 1812, another 1847, couldn’t bring himself to write poetry after this
Poet laureate in 1843
Romantic period from romanticism period


Prelude context (poem)

Inspired by French Revolution, hated monarchy, loved nature
Viewed as a reaction to the Age of Enlightenment
Long autobiographical poem in 14 sections, first written in 1798, published by his wife 3 months after he died in 1880
Coming of age, coming into adult maturity


MLD context

Based on duke of Ferrara who was rumoured to have poisoned his 17 year old wife in the 16th century
Set 3 years after, showing an emissary from count Tyrol his art, wanted to marry counts daughter
Browning was inspired by romantic poets and Italian Renaissance


Tissue context

Dharkars family moved to Glasgow
Husband died in 2009 after 11 years of cancer
Deceived herself as a “Scottish Muslim Calvanist” adopted by India and named into wales
Nothing lasts forever shouldn’t forget our heritage
Clear reference to 9/11, she is Muslim and they faced a lot of backlash


Emigree context

Born in south London, also published translations of Russian poems, has a fascination with elsewhere, the poem deals with a land that is permanently elsewhere
Heavily links to asylum and elsewhere, not sure why the speaker (NOT HER) left the place
Emigree is a woman who left her own country for political reasons


Checking out me history context

Born in 1949 in Guyana, a British colony
Moved to Britain in 1977 and sees the culture as an insider and outsider
Guyana had spoken Arawak but Britain introduced their policies, including the education system
Complaining at how it was too based on our history


Ozy form

Structured as a framed narrative: a story about someone telling them a story, shows how framed and distant he is
Juxtaposes to create irony, tells them to look on his works but there are none
Semantic field of emptiness and isolation, tells us how power will always go away, particularly if you are arrogant about it


London form

Rigid structure, quatrains, ABAB rhyme scheme, shows how rigid and ordered society was, four beats per line
Four stanzas offer snapshots of different parts of the city all show a negative aspect
Sounds like a nursery rhyme with illustrations, designed to be memorable


Prelude structure

Complete story, power of memory affects him
First person negative, sounds personal to give us an insight
Caesura and enjambment, no rhythm, sounds like regular speech
Uses blank verse- irregular iambic pentameter, typically used for serious issues
Epic poem


Prelude 3 sections

S1: light and carefree tone
S2: Volta, sees the big mountain, dark and more fearful, power of memory
S3: narrator reflects on how it has changed him


MLD form

Dramatic monologue: set out as a speech, one character at a particular moment in a story, adds immediacy
Perfect iambic pentameter- perfectly ordered, nothing changes
Rhyming couplets show the order of it all, tight couple like he wants them to be
Caesura and enjambment- shows how we couldn’t control his wife


Tissue form

Motif of light shining through
Rigid quatrains, like how we want to structure the earthu
One line stanza highlights how she believes we can change
Lots of enjambment to reinforce light shining through
Buildings to maps to money