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what can we do in the eyes of the law
fire and rescue services act 2004

move or break into vehicles without consent
close highways
stop and regulate traffic
restrict access


when can firefighters cross central reservation

if police or hato say so. dont stop on the wrong side of the motorway to deal with something on the other side unless it has breached the reservation and we need to fend off.


what can we do to make the scene safe

high vis
fend off
dismount safe side
cones and barrier tape
request police
safety officers
hose reel
police accident sign and blue light


considerations when using police accident sign

exposure to lfb fast moving traffic
road layout
prevailing weather
sufficient lighting

if we cant get police to deploy it

mustnt be an obstruction nor obscure view of incident to oncoming traffic


if hazardous materials suspected you must request



sources of hazmat information

vehicle or package details
hazard info plate
load manifest documents


main initial ations

create safe working environment
correct extinguishing media in place
extinguish fire
triage casualties and reqest las
develop extrication plan
assess resources
do not return frus where people are trapped


what cordens

outer (5m around inner)


safe distance for proximity keys



can you use handheld radios inside the crashed vehicle

no because they could potentially set of srs


lpg cars should be treated as

cylinders if involved in fire or hazmat if leaking not involved in fire


what is reverse access

where we need to proceed against the flow of traffic.

must be declared to control and only proceed if police or hato say so. must state name and role of person saying its safe


describe a nd b carriage ways

a- has accending jnction numbers
b has decsending