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fit are on the pda for?

4 pumps and above
persons reported
firefighter emergency
fatalities at fires

informed at
fire related injuries to member of public


fit must be requested if

>the ic cannot determine the cause of a fire
>any serious injury to a member of public
>multiple seats of fire
>if ic has been refused entry for investigation purposes


if you have a deliberate fire which is obvious what the cause is what do you do?

request police for fire investigation and complete a rrf1 form


fit can request

>additional fiu's
>scientific advisor
>assistance from crews
>senior fire safety officer
>specialist appliances
>to be released


what can the hydro carbon detector dog do?

conduct a rapid search for target substances


if an fiu can not attend an incident some one else will come instead. who and to what?

>fatal fire
>serious fire related firefighter injury
>12 pump + fire


on arrival try to note....

>first area involved
>colour of smoke
>reaction when attacked
>any explosions
>unusual odours
>weather conditions
>rapid fire spread
>doors or windows open, forced entry?
>suspicious people
>recognise anyone?