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what are the three stages of grievance?

Informal, Formal & Appeal


Who can deal with the Informal & Formal stages?

SubO and above


Who can deal with the appeal stage?

Station Commander and above


Any serious further appeals will be heard at what level

brigade manager / head of service


describe the informal stage

Employees should aim to resolve most grievances quickly and informally by discussing them with their line manager. If the grievance is with that line manager the person may approach their line manager. If the employee is not satisfied with the outcome then they may move to the next stage of formal hearing.


Describe the formal stage

If the employee is not happy with the reply from informal. They must put this in writing. Union rep or other employee may accompany them or take up the matter on their behalf.

Line manager should hear within 7 days. The employee will be given written decision with reasons within 7 days.


describe the appeals stage

If the employee remains dissatisfied they may appeal within 7 days in writing. this appeal should be heard within 7 days by the next highest level of management who have authority to review and change the original decision. again they have 7 days.

If the employee is still dissatisfied and the issue has been identified as of a serious nature then the appeal will be reviewed at corporate level


How long from the event do you have to raise the grievance

3 months unless otherwise agreed


records should include

copy of written
managers response
action taken
reasons for action
the stage, was it appeal
subsequent developments