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Informal stage can be conducted by

Frs B
Leading firefighter
Assistant ops manager


Formal stage 1 conducted by

Investigation /conduct hearing / take action
: frsD ,subo, stno, ops manager

Conduct issues
FrsD, SC, ops manager

Performance issues
FrsC, subO, StnO, ops manager


Formal stage 2

FrsD, SC, ops manager

Hearing and action
FrsE GC and senior ops commander


Formal stage 3

FrsE, GC, senior ops manager

FrsG, dac, principal ops manager


Define informal stage

An informal discussion with line manager.
Minor problems dealt with quickly and confidentially.

May be put in writing but will not be added to their disciplinary file.


Define formal stage 1

Warning. must give details and an explanation of decision. should warn the person that if they don't improve or modify their behavior it may lead to further disciplinary action and make them aware of their right to appeal


Describe formal stage 2

Where there is a failure to improve or when the failure is sufficiently serious.

Can lead to no more than final written warning which can only be dealt by GC


Describe stage 3

Continually fail to improve or where offence is sufficient

Must be investigation / hearing

May lead to sanction or dismissal only given by dac or higher


Tell me all about informal stage

Cases involving minor misconduct or unsatisfactory performance.

A quiet word is normally enough