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When dont we have to wear a seat belt

only the driver and /or and examiner are exempt whilst reversing


what are the three responsibilities of the appliance commander

1> receive mobilising message
2> insure crew instructions are followed
3> ensure seatbelts are being worn


In normal curcumstances you shouldn't drive on soft or uneven surfaces. but if you did and got stuck what should you do?

inform control emediately, make no attempt to release the appliance and wait for recovery.


if you want to go under a low bridge what should yiu have in place before you try

crew dismount and look out
appliance proceed with extreme caution
if you get stuck don't make any attempt to negotiate obstruction


appliance and equipment checks should be carried out when?

change of watch
after drills
after incidents


if door ajar waninig sounds whilst driving you shoud

stop in a safe position
apply handbrake
physical check by crew


crew responsibilites

check doors and shutters
donot dismount before appliance tops
make sure no clothing is cauht in door