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If a member receives additional education benefits (i.e., Naval Academy or ROTC Scholarships) are they eligible for any of the MGIB Benefit Programs? (Yes or No).



Can a member pay additional “Booster” funds into their MGIB Program to increase their education benefits? (Yes or No).

Yes, up to an additional $600 contributed to receive $5,400 in additional benefits.


If a member uses the MGIB Tuition Assistance Top Up (TATU) Benefit while on Active duty, does it affect their available benefits after separation or discharge from service? (Yes or No).

Yes, each TATU benefit used will reduce the total MGIB benefits available to them upon separation or discharge.


If, at the time of discharge, the character of service was not “Honorable”, but was later upgraded to “Honorable” is a member then eligible for MGIB benefits? (Yes or No).

Yes, the member will have 10 years starting when the character of service is upgraded to use their MGIB benefits.


Are there situations where a member can qualify for both the MGIB and the MGIB-SR? (Yes or No).

Yes. However, the period of service to qualify cannot be the same time frame (i.e., member must meet the eligibility requirements two separate times, Active and Reserve).