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component analysis

comparing the effects of 2 or more independent variables


placebo control

this separates effects that may be produced by a subjects preceived expectations of improvement because of taking a drug apart from the effects actually produced by the drug


treatment integrity
procedural fidelity

refers to the extent to which the independent variable is implemented or carried out as planned


treatment drift

occurs when the application of the independent variable during later phases of an experiment differs from the way it was applied at the outset of the study


direct replication

researcher makes every effort to duplicate exactly the conditions of an earlier experiment


systematic replication

the researcher purposefully varies one or more aspects of an earlier experiment


type I error

false positive
made when researcher concludes that the independent variable had an effect on the DV, when it didn't


Type II error

researcher concludes that an IV did not have an effect on the DV, when it really did.