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arrive at a place
(come ...)

come along

Not many people bought tickets for the concert in advance, but quite a few came along and bought tickets at the door.


separate into pieces
(come ...)

come apart

The antique picture frame just came apart in my hands.


become conscious again
(come ...)

come around / round

A nurse was with me when I came round after the operation.


disappear or become less strong (of dirt or colour on clothing/material)
(come ...)

come out

Let your shirt soak overnight and the stain will probably come out.


become public knowledge after it has been kept secret (of the truth)
(come ...)

come out

If this story comes out about a Prime Minister, he'll have to resign.


be given to people (of result or information)
(come ...)

come out

When do your exam results come out?


leave after a period in a place (of hospital/prison)
(come ...)

come out

Jane's coming out of hospital at the weekend. She's much better now.


happen successfully or as planed
(come ...)

come off

I was planning to arrange a surprise holiday for her birthday, but I'm not sure it's going to come off.


happen, especially something which is not planned
(come ...)

come about

I've had to organise the school fair again this year - I'm not quite sure how that come about.


something is mentioned or discussed
(come ...)

come up

Only if the subject comes up in conversation.


happend unexpectedly, usually a problem or difficult situation
(come ...)

come up

I nearly told him at work this morning, but then something come up and we had to deal with it straightaway.


become available
(come ...)

come up

I don't know if a place on the council is going to come up for a while yet.


encountered or had to deal with
(come ...)

come up against

I've come up against a few problems.


discovered (or met) by chance
(come ...)

come across

I came across someone who's done an almost identical study.


make (a decision about something)
(come ...)

come to

I've got to come to a decision.


depend mostly on or be influenced most by
(come ...)

come down to

I guess in the end my decision will come down to what my professor recomends.


go in the direction of
(make ...)

make for sth
When we got to the park, the children made for the swings while I sat on a bench.


be able to see or hear something or someone with difficulty
(make ...)

make out sth/sb
Can you make out the words of this song?


invent something, e.g. a story or a game
(make ...)

make up sth
The children loved Uncle Bob because he was so good at making up new games.


understand why someone behaves at they do
(make ...)

make out sb (or make sb out)
Jack is behaving very strangely at the moment. I just can't make him out.


understand something, especially why something has happened
(make ...)

make out sth (or make sth out)
I can't make out why my computer won't let me save this document.


say or write something that is not true in order to deceive
(make ...)

make up sth (or make sth up)
Sally didn't want to go to the concert, so she made up an excuse about being ill.


provide something good in order to make bas situation better
(make ...)

make up for sth
The wonderful food in he restaurant made up for the rather uncomfortable seats.


do something good for someone who you have done something bad to in the past, or to someone who has done something good for you
(make ...)

make it up to sb
I forgot Teresa's birthday yesterday so I'll have to take her somewhere nice to make it up to her.