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What is lighting life for special occasions and what can that cause?

Usually dimly lit or lit by candlelight and that can cause loss of colour and definition


What are some client consultation questions you would ask for an evening or a special occasion application?

- Clothing, hair, accessories
- Occasion
- Time of year
- Lighting
- Client preference
- Eye colour


What are some evening make up guidelines?

- Complexion is medium to full coverage
- Contour/bronzer
- Illuminator/highlighter
- Deeper richer colours
- More definition
- Shimmer/glitter/metallic finishes
- Full/false lashes
- Emphasize eyes with nude lip


What are some agreement details you should note when working on a photography shoot?

- Who is your client?
- What is the time and location?
- What is the photo shoot for?
- How many people?
- What is the negotiated pay?


What are some photography details you should take note of?

- What is the location and lighting?
- What is the wardrobe colours and style?
- Colour or black and white or both?


What is freelance?

Working for yourself


What is a creative shoot?

Non-paying where you work with other creatives to create looks for photos and experience


When it comes to photography what are some complexion guidelines?

- Customize foundation for desired appearance (natural or full coverage)
- Avoid reflective ingredients in foundations


What are some guidelines for browse when it comes to photography?

Customize brow fill for desired appearance


What are guidelines for contour/highlighter for photography?

For definition, facial corrections or look


For photography what are the guidelines for choosing colours and textures?

- Choose color, and texture to create desired luck
- Matte or satin products best for natural looks


What are some other photography make up guidelines?

- Perfect blending and lines
- Even product deposit
- Style and colour coordination with garments


What are the guidelines for black and white photography?

- Colours in red, blue, and purple can appear dark grey to black
- Warm tones in yellows and oranges show up very light


What kind of colour corrector would you use for men’s beards?

Peach colour corrector