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Descriptive empirical inquiry

historical or scientific
-Goal is to describe phenomena of morality or to work out a theory of human nature


Philosophers generally divide into two camps

-Those who hold deontological theories
-those who are teleological in their views


Teleological theory

-End result in mind
-ultimate criterion of what is morally right, wrong or obligatory is the non-moral value that is brought into being


Deontological theory

-do not agree that the morally right, wrong, or obligatory is determined by what promotes the greatest good over evil
-an act may be right and good even if it does not produce the greatest amount of good for self, society or the universe


Overall points of essay

-Teleological vs. deontological theory
-Micah 6:8
-Should we obey God even if it means to disobey the government?
-Our only obligation is to do the loving thing


Holmes' view

-There are definite rules to live by, but when these rules conflict we should look at justice and love to help guide our course
-Justice and love are not left to our own interpretation but is based upon the justice and love of God as demonstrated in the Bible


Role of philosophical and biblical paradigms

Help us to evaluate the tough bioethical issues of our day