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Define pharmacology.

the study of biological effects of chemicals


What are drugs?

chemicals introduced to the body to cause some type of change


Health care providers focus on what type of pharmacology?

the way chemicals effect living organisms


As nurses we study pharmacotherapeutics aka...

clinical pharmacology


As nurses we study clinical pharmacology aka...



What are 6 responsibilities of the nurse in regards to pharmacotherapeutics?

1. administer medication
2. assess adverse effects
3. intervening to make drug regime more tolerable
4. patient teaching about drug and regime
5. monitor for prevention of errors
6. follow the 8 CNO rights for medication administration


What are 4 drug sources?

- plant
- animal
- inorganic compounds (elements)
- synthetic sources (genetically engineered bacteria to make chemicals or developed groups of drugs derived from original prototype)


What are generic drugs?

- generic drugs are cheaper then the original name brand (the one to first discover and patent)
- generic drugs come out after patent runs out


Who regulates drugs in Canada?

Heath Protection Branch (HBP) of Health Canada


What isHeath Protection Branch (HBP) of Health Canada responsible for?

- regulates sale and use of foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices


What is the controlled substance act?

prohibits activities such as possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking, trafficking, importing and exporting, and cultivating narcotics or controlled and restricted drugs


Who enforces the controlled drugs and substance act?

royal canadian mounted police


In regards to controlled substances what are nurses responsible for?

- storing controlled substances in locked containers
- administering to those prescribed
- recording each dose given on agency narcotic sheets and on the patients medication administration record
Maintaining an accurate inventory
- reporting discrepancies to proper authority


Where do you need to record info on narcotic administration?

- agency narcotic sheet
- clients administration record


When are narcotics given?

only when prescribed


How are narcotics stored?

in locked containers


What is a DIN number?

Drug Identification Number which is assigned by health canada


What information can be obtained from a DIN?

identifies all drug products sold in a dosage form in Canada and is located on the label of prescription and over the counter drug products that have been evaluated and authorized for sale in Canada


What characteristics does a DIN identify?

- manufacturer
- product name
- active ingredients
- strengths of active ingredients
- pharmaceutical form
- route of administration


Name 5 drug laws and standards.

- controlled drugs and substances act
- food and drug regulations
- the narcotic and control regulations
- benzodiazepine and other targeted substances regulations
- marijuana medical access regulations


In regards to drug regulation, nursing documentation is both _____ and _______.

strict and comprehensive


Who approves OTC drugs?

Health Protection branch of Health Canada


What are some pro's of OTC drugs?

- recommended doses are lower for safety
- shifts primary responsibility to the patient and off the health care team


Define orphan drugs.

drugs that have been discovered, but are not financially viable and therefore have not been adopted by a drug company


Where can you find drug information?

- label
- insert packaging
- reference book
- journals
- internet


What should nurses consider in regards to OTC drugs?

- can mask symptoms
- can cause drug interaction
- watch for over dose


What is ISMP?

- an independent non profit organization committed to the advancement of medication safety in the health care system
- work collaboratively to promote safe practices
- analyze medication incidents, making recommendations for the prevention of harmful medications incidents, and facilitating quality improvement initiatives


Who helps to promote safe policy and prevention of medications errors?



Define pharmacodynamics.

the science of dealing with interactions between living organisms and foreign chemicals
(drug action on targeted cell)


What is a drug action?

- REPLACE or act as a substitute for missing chemicals (insulin)
- to increase or STIMULATE certain cellular activity (antibiotics)
- to DEPRESS or slow cellular activities
- to INTERFERE with the function of FOREIGN cells