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Physical Cues, general

Within milliseconds we can determine:
o Gender
o Age
o Dress
o Attractiveness
o Ethnicity
o Weight


Hebl and Mannix 2003

Experiment in airport, people were told they were studying a hiring process.

They gave people an application of someone who was applying for a job and everyone
Same application, different photos
-man with skinny woman
-same man with a heavy woman.

People rated the man with heavy woman worse on some of the questions.

We stereotypically judge people even based on who they are with: "extended stigma”

We have stereotypes associated with these features that activate immediately



(Chaplin et al. 2000)

Subjects were asked to shake hands with experimenters

→ firmer handshakes were viewed more favorably.

Handshakes were associated with other personality traits – extraversion, less shy, more assertive, openness to experience



We can tell background, ethnicity, political leanings, SES,

Transference effects with names (know someone else with that name)

Name study: white stereotypical names more likely to be called back for interview while not true for African American names

If we meet someone and they have the same name as someone we already know, we automatically transfer our opinions from person we know to new person


What we look for in others

o We are more concerned over morality than competence

o Heavily weighted when we make opinions/judgements of others

Contextualized traits
o We understand and recognize that traits not only become more complex over time, but can change in various settings