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The history of colonial rule in Algeria was a "blood drenched affair" e.g. 1847 scorched earth invasion


Horne (2006)

- Muslims were automatically French subjects but not French citizens
- attacks began on nov 1st which was all saints day - moral significance - they were martyrs like saints - catholics were in church
- conflict within the FLN movement e.g. Bouadjadj was vert radical - bombings
- few weapons in the early struggle - tactics to get weapons from the french



without the support of other African, Arab countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt), the rebellion would have been crushed before the end of 1957


Connelly (2001)

- far from being mere pawns of the Great Powers, Algerian nationalists were able to take advantage of superpower rivalries and rewrite the rules of the cold war.
- Krim exaggerated the danger of soviet involvement in Algerian struggle which frightened America who in turn put pressure on their ally France (US double game)
- the US did not want to be implicated in colonialism
- even before the war the FLN did not consider winning a conventional victory (i.e. through military force) to be possible - military ventures were for the purpose of achieving diplomatic and propaganda victories
- propaganda around the world (e.g. clips of the french killing children) impacted international opinon - the french in contrast were silent on the issue which worked to their disadvantage.
- 1958 the UN recognises GPRA
- some french int agenda success e.g. Egypt and Nasser
- "no amount of diplomatic virtuosity would have sufficed if the GPRA's activities abroad had not visibly resonated with the people it represented"


Brannum and Irwin

it was the brutality of French forces that alienated support for continued colonisation in metropolitan France and discredited French prestige abroad.


Sparks (2007)

Algerian use of propaganda - spread by word of mouth because French would have just taken down posters. Sometimes paintings/ grafitti. Drew on setif masssacre and other attrocities committed by the French to call people to arms.



An algerian nationalist at the time - The revolt came about from a combination of egyptian pan-arabism and Algerian terrorism


C.R Ageron (2009)

Phillipeville massacre (1955) "provoked the desired split between Muslims and Europeans...the latter regarding all Muslims as rebels while the Muslims came to regard...the ALN as Mujahadin [The term Mujahideen or mujahadin in the Algerian dialect of Arabic means "warriors of Allah", describing those who in fight in jihad].