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Name 2 consultants the owner typically engages

Geotechnical Engineer & Civil Engineer


Name 3 consultants the architect typically engages.

Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer & Electrical Engineer.


What insurance does an architect need to carry?

Commercial general liability, automobile liability, workers compensation, employers liability & professional liability.


What is AIA G703?

Application and Certificate for Payment


What is AIA A201?

General Conditions of the Contract for Construction.


What are 4 implied duties of an Architect?

1. Cooperating with contractors.
2. Not interfering with the contractors work.
3. Giving relevant information to contractors.
4. Assisting the owner in coordinating work.


What are the three conditions that must be met for an architect to be found negligent?

1. A legal duty must be established between parties.
2. It must be shown that the architect breached that duty.
3. It must be shown that the breach of duty was the cause of damage or injury.


What are three defense of claims?

1. Betterment
2. Statute of Limitations.
3. Statute of Repose


What is Betterment?

If a change order arrived at the fault of the Architects mistake, the architect can claim the owner would have had to pay for the originally intended outcome therefore the architect should only pay for the costs acquired by making the change later.


What is Statute of Limitations?

Sets a time limit within which a claim can be made. Each state has its own statute of limitations.
Typically begins at the date of substantial completion.


What is Statute of Repose?

A set time limit in which a claim can be made, typically shorter time period than statute of limitation and does not begin until the problem is first discovered.


What is AIA Document A201?

General Conditions of the Contract for Construction