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According to Paley, it does not matter if we have not seen the watch being made because?

The watch itself provides enough evidence of design.


According to Paley, it does not matter whether the watch does not work properly because?

The evidence of design is still there.


It does not matter if there are parts of the watch about which we do not know the purpose because?

Evidence is still there.


What is so significant about the design of the watch?

The different parts had to be put together in a specific order in a specific place in order for the watch to work as a watch.


If the watch was then discovered to have the ability to produce further watches, then we would not admire the watchmaker less...

It would increase our admiration of him.


The universe seems to have order and purpose, like the watch. What does this mean?

The universe must have design, and therefore a designer.


What can we see in the human eye?

Order and regularity.


The eye is made up of many complex parts that all work together to achieve their common aim: sight. What version of the argument is this?



What is the essence of the design argument?

World is made up of complex parts that must have been designed. This requires a designer.