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When did Pakistan flood and where?

Swat Valley in August 2010.


Locate the Pakistan flood in detail.

Pakistan is located in Asia, the Middle East. It is east of Afghanistan and west of India. The Indus river flows through the middle of Pakistan running from north to south. The most effected areas of the flood were in the centre of Pakistan in the Swat Valley.


What were the causes of Pakistan floods? (4)

1. Heavy monsoon rain for months led to saturated ground
2.High surface runoff from the Himalaya mountains, due to steep relief and impermeable rock
3.The River Indus finally broke its banks on 9 August flooding large areas of northern Pakistan
4.Sukkur Barrage (a small dam) was breached, intensified the flooding to the south


What were the effects of the Pakistan floods, divide them into immediate and long term and S.E.E.P. (4)

-Immediate -Farmland and crops ruined by silt deposits-Environmental, social, economic
-At least 1,600 died and 14 million impacted-social
Immediate-Swat valley was the most effected area.
-Long term/immediate- Swat valley in north was cut off
-Immediate/Long term- People forced to swim and drink in contaminated water which led to diseases spreading like cholera and typhoid


What were the short and long term responses for the Pakistan floods?

-Short term, Swat Valley to the north was inaccessiblee to helicopter aid agencies and had to use donkeys.
Response was slow and uncoordinated. Death toll and suffering rose and more people were living in the open and contracted more diseases.
-Short term/Long term, Heavy reliance on international aid (Red Cross, Oxfam).
-Long term, International response was slow because everyone has just given to Haiti (Donor fatigue)
-Long term, UN Ambassodor Angelina Jolie helped to raise publicity.
Long term,Taliban took advantage of slow response to supply aid and win over communities in the north