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initial tx for acute angle glaucoma

topical pilocarpine


what lab differentiates seizure from pseudo-seizure

serum prolactin


5 month history of schizophrenia symptoms including flattened affect, disorganized speech and poor hygiene. what is this disorder?

Schizophreniform disorder (similar to schizophrenia that cannot be dx until 6 months)


what is the mechanism associated with hornets syndrome: a disorder comprised of: ptosis, mitosis, & anhydrous

cranial sympathetic dysfunction that occurs due to nerve injury below the level of entry into the skull


increased tactile fremitus and egophony =

increased density such as effusion or pneumonia


what lab test should be followed bi-yearly for pts taking atypical antidepressants?

Glucose-blood sugar


trauma to the eye causing enopthalmos and flattened anterior chamber is suggestive of

globe rupture, shield eye and refer


pt has 225/130 bp what med should be used?

nitroprusside. it lower bp in seconds by direct arteriolar and venous dilation


herpangina is associated with what viruses? what are the symptoms?

enteroviruses, present with painful vesicles about the tonsillar fauces


Infliximab (Remicade) is a TNF inhibitor is used in the treatment of RA, what SE does it have

increased risk of developing infection, test for TB before starting medication


___ is the dominant hemoglobin found in sickle cell anemia



what medication is recommending for family members of pts recently dx with Hep A?



young otherwise healthy pt with a recent viral syndrome, followed by acute, sharp, focal chest pain =



severe abdominal pain, vomiting for 6 hours, high white count, significant hypertriglyceridemia, and transient hyperglycemia =

acute pancreatitis


what PE finding indicates that delivery of the placenta is imminent?

uterus is higher and more globular in abdomen


right homonymous hemianopsia, where is the lesion located

left optic tract


what is the definitive treatment of OSA



is a high fat diet is associated with prostate cancer?



tx for otitis externa?

topical cipro it will kill pseudomonas and proteus


Noninflammatory causes of arthritis include

tumors, such as osteochondromas, osteoarthritis, trauma, and bone necrosis


What is the most common cardiac abnormality that develops in patients with undertreated acromegaly?



Which of the following best represents the initial evaluation of an otherwise healthy adult patient with the chief complaint of painless gross hematuria?

Urinalysis and culture. This is the best initial study for evaluation of hematuria. Centrigution of the urine specimen will help separate the sediment from the supernatant. Red sediment indicates hematuria, while red supernatant with a positive heme dipstick indicates hemoglobinuria vs myoglobinuria.


A 5 year old female is brought to your office by her mother who has noticed a rash on the palms of her hands and soles of her feet. She also reports that her daughter has had a fever of 100.5 F (38.1 C) and significantly decreased appetite for the past 3 days. What physical exam findings would you suspect in this patient?

Painful, small gray lesions on an erythematous base seen on the oral mucosa. This describes the aphthous ulcers commonly seen in Hand, foot, mouth disease caused by Coxsackie virus A16.


what is the usual tx of Polymyalgia Rheumatica.

Low dose corticosteroids for a couple of years and close follow-up with Rheumatology


A 45 year old male presents to the office with chronic rhinorrhea, and two weeks of purulent and bloody nasal discharge accompanied by a dry cough and pleuritic chest pain. He complains that over the last week his dyspnea has been worsening. You order labs and imaging studies. The CT scan reveals blood vessels leading to nodules within the lung, and he has a positive ANCA test, but otherwise labs are non-contributory. Which of the following is his most likely diagnosis?

Wegener’s Granulomatosis


What hematologic abnormality may be present in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

Polycythemia can result in patients with this chronic lung disorder due to their chronic state of hypoxemia.


Which of the following is the most common presenting symptom in diabetic gastroparesis?

Vomiting several hours after meals
This is the most common presenting complaint in patients with diabetic gastroparesis. Metoclopramide is the drug treatment of choice in this condition, due to the increase in gastric emptying that it causes.


best test for syphillis

FTA-ABS is the diagnostic test of choice when a diagnosis of Syphilis is suspected. Dark field microscopy is not generally used clinically today, and RPR and VDRL aren’t as specific as the Fluorescent treponemal antibody testing.


What is the currently accepted treatment regimen for bacterial meningitis in the population between 1 month and 50 years?

Cefotaxime and vancomycin


Which of the following is the initial drug of choice for mood stabilization?