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When you show up to the aircraft you notice the mechanic has added an MEL to the logbook that is not reflected on the release. What is the appropriate action?

Contact dispatcher for an amendment to the release


If an airport has two standard cat 1 ILS approaches (each 200 1/2), what is the lowest allowable weather forecast which would qualify that airport as a legal alternate?

400 and 1


Sometimes the forecast contains conditional weather remarks (TEMPO, BECMG) that are below landing minimums. By listing a second alternate (exemption 3585) we are still able to dispatch as long as the weather in the _____ is above minimums and the weather in the remarks is no less than ____ the required minimums.

Main body, 1/2


What are the steps to verify the logbook?

1) ensure it's the correct logbook
2) verify current service and weekly checks
3) review logbook back to airworthiness date
4) compare MELs to release
5) check MEL/CDL pages for recurring items


When must we have two alternates listed in the release?

1) forecast wx is marginal at destination AND first alternate
2) dispatched under exemption 3585


First officers are required to maintain a ___ class medical which must be renewed every ____mo till their 60th birthday

First and 12


What is the reporting time requirement for submission of a flight crew irregularity report (FCIR)?

7 cal days (24 if emergency has been declared)


Under 10k who will perform all entries in the MCDU?



At the origination of a trip you are required to report at least ______ prior to departure.



At all times JetBlue aircraft must remain ____ hour(s) of an adequate airport?



When taxiing, if a task takes the first officers attention away from aircraft movement, what must he/she do?

Ensure you are not crossing an active runway or hotspot, then verbally state "heads down"


Do not reset or pull a circuit breaker unless explicitly directed to do so by a procedure in the FOM, MEL, QRH or FCOM. T or F?



Based on your current fuel burn you determine that you will be below min landing fuel at your alternate. What should you do?

Declare minimum fuel with ATC


When holding is assigned, dispatch is to be notified with what information?



When flying above FL250, if for any reason only one pilot is at the controls, then _________.

That pilot must use his or her O2 mask


On initial contact with approach control, you are advised to expect a LOC approach. If other vertically guided approaches are available, what action should you take?

Ask the approach controller for an ILS or RNAV with GP. Only fly a step down approach if no other approach is available.


When operating into areas of high terrain crews must

Select TERRAIN for display on the moving map


When is a pre takeoff contamination check required after de/anti icing?

When your holdover time has been exceeded or heavy snow is falling


A pilot sitting reserve with an RAP 01:00 to 11:00 is assigned the following pairing. Is the pilot legal for day 1 and what are the:
Max Flight hrs-
Reserve limits-

Yes he is legal
FDP- 12 hrs (12+5=1700 but duty day ends at 15:05)
Flight- max 9hrs, (his is 5:23)
Res limits- 16 hrs max (16+1am = 1700 max FDP, but his ends at 15:05)
Remember Table B plus 4 or 16, whatever is less


Based on the TLR below, what would be your engine fail procedure off of runway 26?

Left heading 170 degrees


How should you contact medlink during flight?

Call AIRINC on appropriate frequency listed in the JEPPS and request a phone patch to Medlink


A quick way to locate smoke/fire checklists in the QRH is to...

Look for the red tab


What do you consider on a flight to know if it's legal?

Is weather above takeoff mins
Do we need a takeoff alternate?


What do you think of to determine if the arrival plan is legal?

Is the weather above landing mins?
Do we need an alternate?
Is a second alternate required?


How do you determine if an alternate is legal?

400 to DA and 1sm to landing vis
200 to DA and 1/2sm to landing vis


How do you validate a TLR?

Temp -10 degrees
QNH -.10
Above that? Good!


What will cause automatic deployment of the passenger O2 masks?

Cabin pressure above 14k


You are on the BOS ILS 4R and ATC clears you to sidestep to 4L. As you are descending to 4L you get “glideslope” alerts. What can you do to cancel these alerts?

Momentary push button annunciator can be used to manually cancel the alerts (GND PROX G/S INHIB)


ATC tells you to Go around. You’ve already selected the G/S INHIB button, when will it reset automatically?

It will reset automatically when climbing above 2000’ RA or descending below 30’ RA


If the GND PROX G/S INHIB pushbutton is pushed due to erroneous GS alerts, what will cause the system to reset?

Climb >2000’
Descend below 30’ RA