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What does the PSEU system monitor?

Takeoff Configuration Warnings
Landing Configuration Warnings
Landing Gear
Air/Ground Sensing


When is the PSEU light inhibited?

1. Inflight
2. When the thrust levers are advanced towards takeoff power
3. For 30 Seconds after landing


Will the PSEU light come on for a simple fault?

No, but it will show for a simple fault upon the recall switch being pressed


What does the amber "REVERSER" light mean (in depth)?

"There is a disagreement between the lever position and the actual reverser position when stowing the lever. The light illuminates after 11 seconds."

(In Depth Answer)
1. Isolation valve or thrust lever control valve not in the commanded position
2. One or more thrust reverser sleeves not in the commanded position
3. Auto-Restow Circuitry activated
4. Failure in synchronization shaft lock circuitry


What will happen if the stabilizer trim is operated with the autopilot engaged?

The autopilot will disengage


How many degrees will the tiller deflect the nose gear?

78 degrees in either direction


What describes the largest arc during a turn?

The wingtip radius. (75.3 feet)


What is the first light that should illuminate when we move the IRS Mode Selector the the NAV position?

The ON DC light should illuminate, indicating a short power test is being performed


What is the first light that should illuminate when we move the IRS Mode Selector the the NAV position?

The ON DC light should illuminate, indicating a short power test is being performed


What should we see after the ON DC light test?

The ON DC light will extinguish, the ALIGN light will illuminate, and the alignment process will begin


How long does it take to complete a normal alignment?

Approximately 10 minutes


Is there any way to monitor how long until the alignment process is complete?

Yes. By selecting “HDG/STS” on the IRS DISPLAY’s Display Selector. (If the alignment will take longer than 15 minutes it will display "15" until the time remaining reaches 14 minutes, and then it will count down in actual time)


What does it mean if the ALIGN light is flashing?

NO Position Entry
BAD Position Entry
The airplane was MOVED


During the Secure Procedure, when the IRS Mode Selector is moved to OFF, what should you see on the IRS Mode Selector Unit?

The ALIGN light should illuminate until the system is completely shut down (approximately 30 seconds).


If AC power is lost, where do the IRSs get their electrical power?

The switched hot battery bus.


How long will each IRS operate if AC power is lost?

The left for as long as DC power is available; DC power to the right IRS is automatically terminated if AC power is not restored within 5 minutes.


Is there a system to warn people on the ground that the IRSs are operating and AC power has been lost?

Yes. Warning horn in the wheel well will sound.


Name one reason that the REVERSER light on the aft overheard panel would be illuminated.

- Isolation valve or thrust reverser control valve is not in the commanded position
- Thrust reverser sleeve position sensors are in disagreement
- Auto-reset circuit has been activated

The REVERSER light illuminates when the thrust reverser is commanded to stow and extinguishes 10 seconds later when the isolation valve closes. Any time the REVERSER light illuminates for more than approximately 12 seconds, a malfunction has occurred, and the MASTER CAUTION and ENG system annunciator lights illuminate.


Since the oxygen bottles next to the supernumerary seats are not controlled by the passenger oxygen switch, does that switch even do anything on our airplanes?

Yes, it activates passenger oxygen in the lavatory


What are EEC's and how doe they work?

Engine Electronic Control

It uses thrust lever inputs to automatically control forward and aft reverse thrust. It uses sensed flight conditions and bleed air demand to calculate N1 thrust ratings


What protections do the EEC's provide?

N1 and N2 overspeed protection in the normal and alternate mode. The EGT limit must be observed because it does not provide EGT redline exceedance protection


If one EEC fails can we depart?

Yes (need to vet this answer)


If one EEC fails can we use the operable EEC?

No it must be put in the hard alternate mode


What percentage of N2 does the EEC become energized during start?



What engine idles do the EEC's provide?

Ground Idle
Flight Idle
Approach Idle


When is approach idle selected?

When the flaps are in the landing configuration or either engine anti ice switch is ON


How can you silence the Mach/Airspeed Warning System if you are exceeding Vmo/Mmo?

By slowing to a speed below Vmo/Mmo


If the captain’s stick shaker fails inflight, and the aircraft subsequently approaches a stall, will the captain’s yoke still vibrate?

Yes. Vibrations are felt in both columns though control interconnects when either stick shaker activates.


Can a single hydraulic system operate all primary flight controls?



What primary flight controls may still be operated with the loss of all hydraulic systems?

Ailerons and elevators (control forces will be higher due to friction and aerodynamic loads)