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Definitions involved with nursing



Illinois Definition of nurse practice

"Registered professional nursing practice" is a scientific process founded on a professional body of knowledge; it is a learned profession based on the understanding of the human condition across the life span and environment and includes all nursing specialities and means the performance of any nursing act based upon professional knowledge, judgment, and skills acquired by means of completion of an approved professional nursing education program.


Shaping professional identity

Personal experience
Preconceived ideas
Value driven
Pragmatism (economics, lifestyle,etc)


Transition from student to nurse

Formal socialization
Nursing faculty as the first mentor
Orderly, building-block fashion
Informal socialization – incidental lessons
Professional socialization
Absorbing the culture of nursing – rites, rituals, and valued behaviors
Learning vocabulary
Learning new roles and anxiety, disappointments and frustrations, and disillusionment


What is reality shock?

-When ideals and reality collide
-It generates psychological stress that decrease the ability of individuals to cope effectively with the demands of the new role.


causes of reality shock

Absence of positive reinforcement (such as one gets from clinical faculty) and lack of frequent communication
Lack of support, such as the availability of faculty that students have
The gap between the ideals taught in school and the actual work setting
The inability to provide nursing care effectively because of circumstances such as a heavy case load or time constraints


strategies to reduce reality shock

Seek practical experiences outside of school
Balance work with academic responsibilities
“Shadowing” programs
Take initiative to form group for mutual support
Mentors and preceptors
Care for self