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What are the two MC kinds of institutional long-term care facilities?

Nursing homes/skilled nursing facility

Assisted Living Facilities


Who pays for nursing homes? Assisted living?

Nursing home: after midcare runs out 47% medicaid, 45% private pay

Assisted Living: private pay


Common problems in long-term care settings?

Infection: pneumonia, urosepsis

Musculoskeletal Dz: immobility; arthritis

Falls and pressure sores

constipation from polypharmacy; antacids, anticholinergics, TCAs, Ca Channel blockers, NSAIDS, benzo, neuroleptics

Nutrition, hydration, and maintenance of weight


What is the TB booster phenomenon?

TB booster phenomenon is when elderly patients receive their first TB test and have a negative result, a week later they have another test done (to give the "old- immunocompromised" body a chance to react to the test). If this second test is negative we know they have never been exposed to TB. if second test is positive, this means means they have had previous TB infection and the immune system is activated... we do this so years later when we test and get a positive result we know its not new/recent exposure to TB.


In order to receive home care the patient must be homebound or require assistance and considerable effort when leaving the home, T/F.