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Which plates were involved?
What type of boundary is it?

Pacific plate and the North American plate at a conservative (passive) plate boundary


Where did the earthquake occur? How deep was the focus?

It occurred on a deeply buried blind fault (not visible on the surface) below the San Fernando Valley. The Focus depth was 19km


What was the magnitude of the earthquake?

6.7 on the richter scale


When did the earthquake occur? How long did it last?

It occurred on 17th January 1994 at 4:30am and lasted for between 10 and 20 seconds


How many aftershocks were there? Can you name any notable aftershocks?

Approximately 15,000 aftershocks occurred, notably there was 5.9 magnitude shock after the main earthquake and then a 5.6 magnitude shock 11 hours later


How many people were injured and how many were killed?

9000 injured - 57 killed


Which buildings were found to be most vulnerable to collapse?

Older buildings, often with wood frames, and weak first floors. Because the USA is an MEDC, earthquake proof buildings are common.


Where is the San Fernando valley?

30km North West of Los Angeles


What impact did landslides have?

They blocked roads, damage water lines and damaged homes


How many people were made homeless after the earthquake?

22,000 people - 25,000 were housed by the American Red Cross