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What do 'National Governing Bodies' do?

- Provide and support Coaching, Officiating, Talent Developments and Competitions


How is 'Coaching' supported?

- Each governing body provides the specific training for coaches for their sport
- This is provided at various levels, working right up to national and international level


What has been set up in terms of coaching?

- The charity called Sports Coach UK, which has been formed to work with the NGB to help to recruit, develop and retain coaches


What happens in terms of 'Officiating'?

- The NGB are responsible for setting and interpreting the rules/regulations for their sport, so pat of this is also to train and provide officials


What is 'Talent Development'?

- Every sport wants to be as successful as possible and identify and developing the talent of the future, is one way this is achieved


How has Talent Development been promoted?

- Through an organization known as UK Sport which has formed the UK talent team to help the national governing bodies with TD


So what happens with competitions?

- They are arranged at all levels of sport, from school, through to international, to allow the competitions to develop as fully as possible and progress to the highest possible standard