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How many people were killed as a result of the eruption?

23,000 peoples, primarily from being buried in their homes


How many people were injured as a result of the eruption?

5000 people


Which plates were involved? What type of boundary is it?

The Nazca plate, which is subducting below the South American plate, caused the formation of the strato volcano


What is the nearest major town?



How deep were the lahars, which ran down river valleys, and how fast did they travel?

Up to 40M deep
Travelled at up to 50 KPH


What were the primary effects?

- Hot clouds of ash and gas (Nuees Ardennes)
- Magma thrown into the air from the vent
- Pyroclastic flows (fast travelling avalanches of hot ash, pumice and rock fragments.


How many homes were destroyed as a result of the eruption?



Why were people killed by infections?

Because the hot temperatures of the lahars created fertile breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria, the resulting infections were incurable with available antibiotics, this meant that even people with minor cuts were killed by the infections


What inhibited the emergency response in the affected areas?

Blocked roads, as a result of the eruption and the lahars in the area


What was the total cost of the earthquake? What percentage of Colombia's GDP did the figure constitute?

$7.7 Billion (20% of GDP)