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Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Language disorder

Persistent difficulty in acquisition and use of language across modalities that include the following:
-reduced vocabulary
-limited sentence structure
-impairments in discourse
Language abilities are below what is expected for age
Onset early developmental
Difficulties are not due to hearing or sensory impairment


Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Specific Learning Disorder

Combines learning disorders in reading writing and math

Severity: mild, moderate, severe


Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Persistent pattern of inattention &/or hyperactivity/impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development


Neurodevelomental Disorders (Motor)

Developmental Coordination Disorder

The acquisition and execution of coordinated motor skills is substantially below that expected given their age & opportunity for learning and use
-interferes with ADLs


Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Motor)

Stereotypic Movement Disorder

Repetitive seemingly driven and apparently purposeless motor behavior
-interferes with ADLs
-specify with or w/o self-injurious behaviors


Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Deficits in social communication and social interactions
Restricted repetitive behaviors,interests and activities


Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Social Communication Disorder

Persistent difficulties in the social use of verbal and nonverbal communication:
-deficits in using communication for social purpose
-impairment of the ability to change communication to match context
-difficulty following the rules of conversation
-difficulty understanding what is not explicitly stated and non-literal language
Deficits result in functional limitations in communication


Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Childhood onset Fluency Disorder (Stuttering)

Disturbances in the normal fluency and timing pattern of speech that are inappropriate for the individual's age and language skills. Only 1 needs to be present: sound & syllable repetitions
Sound prolongations of consonants & vowels
Broken words
Audible or silent blocking
Words produced with excess or physical tension


Neurodevelopmemtal Disorder

Tourette's Disorder

Persistent (chronic) motor or vocal tic disorder
Specify w/motor or vocal tics only


Neurodevelopment Disorders

Intellectual Disability

3 Criteria Met:
-Deficits in intellectual functions
-Deficit is adaptive functioning that result in failure to meet developmental & socio-cultural standards
-onset of intellectual and adaptive deficits during developmental period

Specifier: mild,moderate, severe
--Important in determining level of services provided


Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Speech Sound Disorder

Persistent difficulty with speech sound production that interferes with speech intelligibility or prevents verbal communication of messages
Causes limitations in effective communication
Onset before age 5