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What are some security advantages of cloud storage?

-Many cloud services regularly back up your data
-Having data stored offsite prevents it from getting damaged
-Extra storage can be available in minutes


What are some security disadvantages of cloud storage?

-If you are relying on a third party storage provider, then any damage to them is also damage to you
-Users have to assume that the storage provider is trustworthy
-Data stored on the internet can have the risk of other people intercepting it


What is NAS?

(Network Attached Storage)
NAS is a hardware device that is connected to a network to provide file storage for any device connected to that network


What are two disadvantages of NAS?

-Not changing a device's default password
-Not updating the software running on the NAS


What are 3 advantages of USBs?

-easy to transport
-convenient to use


What is a downside to USBs?

Large amounts of sensitive information can be lost and be accessed by others