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Define Cyberattack

A cyberattack is any kind of malicious attack on a network connected device


Define Phishing

attempting to get confidential information by sending a user a message that appears to come from a trustworthy person or organization


Define Shoulder Surfing

gaining access to information by watching someone enter it into a computer system


What are cyberattacks designed to do?

-gain access to data contained within a system
-delete or modify information
-mark the system unavailable for use
-overriding safety limits (physical damage)


How does un patched software compromise security?

the software hasn't been updated to the latest security update, making it vulnerable to attack


How can a USB compromise security?

A USB could be a security threat because it may contain malware that could be transferred to the system


What is eavesdropping?

eavesdropping means intercepting data being sent to/from another computer system.


How does eavesdropping work?

reading data without copying or stealing it, the data could be used in the future


What is code vulnerability?

Code that has been written in such a way that it creates a security issue that may be taken advantage of to gain access to the computer system within it


What is modular testing?

testing each block of code as it is completed to ensure the code works as expected


What is an Audit Trial?

A record of activities that have been taken place on a computer system. The record is generated automatically and will record what has happened and who or what made the change


What is penetration testing?

When IT systems of an organization are deliberately attacked to find any weaknesses


What are commercial analysis tools?

Use of external/internal tools to scan for vulnerabilities