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What are the two types of areas of responsibility (AOR)?

Terrain: Proxy servers, firewalls
Function: Cyber Defense, Theater Deployable Comm


What is a library that provides guidelines that can help organizations implement best practices that have been learned the hard way by those who came before?

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)


IT Service Management is comprised of what 5 processes?

- Incident Management
- Problem Management
- Change Management
- Release Management
- Configuration Management


What's the difference between Incident Management and Problem Management?

Incident Management deals with single-user issues, while Problem Management involves grouping similar incident tickets into a single problem ticket because they have the same root cause.


What process prevents ad hoc changes to the network and ensures that any changes to the baseline IT configuration are documented and authorized?

Change Management


What is the strategic approach used to implement changes to and IT system?

Release Management


What documents the current state of the network by illustrating the services, assets, and infrastructure?

Configuration Management


Regarding IT Service Management, fill in the blanks:
___________ = What I want to do
___________ = What I am doing
___________ = What I did

Change Management = What I want to do
Release Management = What I am doing
Configuration Management = What I did


What is used to track information regarding events that occur on shift such as Classified Message Incidents (CMIs), network outages, personnel reporting for duty, firewall or Exchange issues?

MSL (Master Station Log)


Who controls and defends the Air Force enterprise boundary?

26th NOS


How many Air Force DISA gateways are there?



Who centrally manages and controls network core services?

ESU (Enterprise Services Unit)


Where are the data centers/servers physically located that are operated by the ESUs?

APC (Area Processing Center)


Who provides Proactive Detection and Rapid Response against advanced adversaries?

DCC-P (Defensive Counter Cyber - Pursuit) (33rd NWS)


What are the types of missions conducted by DCC-P?

Combat Cyber Patrol / Scanning Orbit:
- Wide-scope proactive scans for adversaries
- Enterprise-level malware hunting
Pursuit Mission:
- Rapid Response to detected intrusions
- Cyber Tracking – Determining the extent of infections
- Disable malware/enemy accesses


What is the name for the DoD's move to a single, orchestrated construct for providing IT services.

Joint Information Environment (JIE)


Who resolves Tier-2 incident and problem tickets?

I-NOSC (Integrated Network Operations and Security Center)


Who performs the execution of enterprise network security and centralizes these aspects of network security?

I-NOSC (Integrated Network Operations and Security Center)