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Loco Parentis

“In loco parentis” is defined by DOD Directive 1327.5 as a person who stood in place of a parent to the service member 24 hours a day for a period of at least 5 years before the service member became 21 years old or entered military service.


Providing Recovery After Birth

To provide an appropriate recovery period for servicemembers who give birth, convalescent leave will normally be granted for 42 days following any uncomplicated delivery. Servicemembers on such convalescent leave may, with their physician’s concurrence, terminate their leave status sooner.


What Is EML?

Environment and Morale Leave (EML) programs are established at overseas installations,
where adverse environmental conditions require specific arrangements for leave in more desirable places at periodic intervals.


SIQ: Maximum Time in Status.

The length of time an individual may be placed in this status:

a. should normally be no greater than 72 hours, but

b. may be extended to a maximum period of 14 days, when medically directed.


Sailor of the Year selection factors:

Performance, Leadership, Military Appearance, Behavior, Achievement above their scope, Educational accomplishments, Community involvement.