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How are circadian rhythms controlled?

By the SCN and fine-tuned by exogenous zeitgebers


What happens during sleep during the night?

We do through 5 cycles, each one lasting about 90 minutes with REM increasing during the night


How are the different stages and cycles of sleep distinguished?

Through EEG (brain waves) as frequency and amplitude differs


Name 2 main differences in sleep among species

1) Time spent sleeping varies
2) REM absent in some like reptiles


Name 2 things suggested about sleep

1) It is necessary for survival otherwise why would all animals do it?
2) Patterns of sleep are adaptive to each particular species otherwise why are the patterns so different?


Explain a positive evaluative point about the nature of sleep

Objective evidence from EEG readings providing objective measures of sleep


Explain 3 negative evaluative points about the nature of sleep

1) Sleep labs are reductionist as do not reflect many factors that can influence sleep in real life - lacks mundane realism, lack of generalisability and ecological validity
2) Individual differences - most 5 cycles and about 8 hours but some sleep less and much more so patterns vary between individuals
3) Self-report techniques vulnerable to bias due to researcher effects and ppt reactivity so may lack validity