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what is momentum defined as

the product of the objects mass and velocity


what is the formula for momentum

momentum = mass x velocity
p = m * v


how can the momentum of an object be increased

- by increasing the mass of the object
- or by increasing its velocity


what type of quantity is momentum

- a vector quantity
- so its a quantity with a size and direction


a 50kg cheetah is running at 60m/s. calculate its momentum

p = m * v
momentum = 50kg x 60m/s
= 3000kg m/s


a boy has a mass of 30kg and a momentum of 75kg m/s. calculate his velocity

p = m * v
so v = p / m
75 / 30 = 2.5m/s


what is momentum like in a closed system

- the total momentum before an event is the same as after the event
- no momentum (energy) is lost or gained


what could an 'event' be regarding how momentum might be changed

a collision, as velocity would be changed


what is the conversation of momentum

the total momentum before an event is the same as after the event


a red ball is stationary and a white ball is moving with a velocity. explain the changes in momentum in the balls and in general as they collide. the balls are the same size and mass

- as the white ball has a velocity ( and a mass) it has momentum
- white ball hits read ball causing it to move
- red ball has a momentum now (velocity and mass)
- white ball keeps moving but at a smaller velocity, so less momentum
- momentum of white and red ball has changed in the collision (event) due to a change in velocities
- but the combined momentum of the red and white ball equals the original momentum of white ball


in a collision, why does the combined momentum of a red and white ball equal the original momentum of the ball that hit the other ball in the first place

- because of the conservation of momentum
- which states that the momentum before an event is equal to the the momentum after n event, in a closed system