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Quiz B
Dogs and cats share a more recent common ancestor than dogs and birds share. What is most likely true?

- Dogs and cats have more genetic similarities than dogs and birds do.
- The more recent the common ancestor of two species, the more similar their genetic material is likely to be.


Quiz B
What best describes natural selection?

- Organisms that have beneficial traits are more likely to survive and pass their traits on to their offspring. Over time, the beneficial traits become more common in the population.
- Natural selection occurs when beneficial traits are passed on to offspring more often than harmful traits are. Over time, more individuals in the population have the beneficial traits.


Quiz B
What traits are characteristic of plants?

- They are autotrophic and multicellular.
- Plants are multicellular and use the energy of sunlight to build organic molecules from inorganic Carbon Dioxide, making them atmospheric, which means 'self-feeding'.


Quiz B
What statement correctly describes characteristics of one of the animal groups?

- Mollusks have hinged shells for protection and a muscular foot for movement.
- Mollusks are organisms in the animal kingdom that often consist of hinged hard shells, a muscular foot, and a mantle, and they are soft bodied. Examples of Mollusks include oysters, clams, and mussels.