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Leopold's Maneuvers

maneuver used to palate for fetal position


2nd Stage of Labor

is the expulsion of the fetus. It begins when the cervix is fully dilated and is complete when the baby is born


3rd stage of Labor

3rd stage is defined the expulsion of the placenta; length of time for 3rd stage is completed usually within 10 minutes


Placenta Succenturiate/Lobe

has an accessory lobe or cotyledon separate from the primary placental mass. The succenturiate lobe is connected to the primary mass by a fetal artery and vein and functions normally


Circumvallate Placente

there is an opaque ring seen on the fetal surface of the placenta. It is formed by a doubling back of the chorion and amnion and may result in the membranes leaving the placenta nearer the center instead of at the edge


Velamentous Insertion

if the velamentous vessels cross the internal cervical os the condition is referred to as vasa previa. The cord is inserted into the membranes some distance from the edge of the placenta. The umbilical vessels run through the membranes from the cord os the. placenta



It is thought to have a role in the formation of the amniotic fluid



this is a thick, opaque, friable membrane derived from the trophoblast. this is continuous with the chorionic plate which forms the base of the placenta



Artificial Rupture of Membranes