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The CHP 268, Potentional Civil Litigation Report has been replaced by entries into the __________ for threshold incidents

Blue Team / IA PRO programm


Blue Team entries are confidential and protected by _________

attorney / client privilege


The Dept has been granted authority to settle and pay CHP287 claims up to ______ and The Risk Management Section is required to make a decision of allowance or denial of a CHP287 claim with in_______

45 days


Threshold Incidents: Catagory A Threshold Incidents in the Blue Team require immediate notification to ENTAC and an entry into Blue Team's Threshold-Atty-Client Priv within ____

24 hours


Threshold Incidents: Catagory B Threshold Incidents require entry into the Blue Team's Threshold-Atty-Client Priv on ________

next business day


Threshold Incidents: A potential civil action incident shall be entered into Blue Team's PCL Atty-Client Priv within _____

48 hours


In the event more than one dept employee is directly involved in an incident which could give rise to civil liability, ________ entry into Blue Team shall be made. All involved employees shall be listed as _______

only one



Threshold Incidents: All reports, documents, video / audio tapes-DVDs that have been marked as collected and preserved on the CHP271 shall be retained ________

at the Area office on a five year litigation hold.


The following is a complete list of groups protected by law against employment discrimination including harassment:

age, ancestry, color, disability,gender, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion,sex, sexual orientation, and military and veteran status.


EMT: Officers and Sgts who are not EMT's _____ attend one 8 hour EMR recert course every ____ years. The recert shall be completed with the ______quarter of odd numbered years.



CEW testing: Area shall develop and implement policy designating _______ for the performance of a pre patrol spark test

a safe location


Explorers: The mission of the explorer program is to develop young people into responsible and productive citizens through discipline and a commitment to serving their community. In order to be successful, the program will focus on ________

education, training, providing community service, and fundraising.


Reasonable Accommodation: Policy requires all commands to consult with _____ prior to redndering a decision on any reasonable accommodation request



Inv Info Database Systems: The Penal Code requires that law enforcement who enter a juvi into a shared gang database, ____ notify both ____ and _____ in writing that the juvi has been designated as a gang member. This is required unless the notification will affect the health or safety of minor.

the juvi
their parents or guardians.


Cultural awareness and ethics training for all personnel will continue to be conducted online and ____



CIM: In the event that a police officer or firefighter driving their personal vehicle is involved in a collision while driving that vehicle on duty for agency business, the employeer will be liable for damages not the __________. These collision will all be considered _________

individual's personal insurance company.

On-Duty Emergency Vehicle collisions

Note: all losses or liability shall be borne solely by the employer.


S&W 4006 TSW Light System: Uniform empoyees desiring to carry the light system on the 4006 TSW shall _________

demonstrate knowledge of the function and operation of the light system to a range officer during all required monthly shoots that are conducted during darkness.


Firearms Training: At least one shoot _____ shall incorporate a component of tactical movements while firing the primary weapon. This is required of all _____ and ______

officers and sergeants


Post Critical Incident Adm Time Off: The immediate commander or designee may, if approved grant up to _____ off paid ATO. Additional time off may be charged to the appropriate ______

5 days
leave credits


Time Frames for EEO Investigations: Complaints of discrimination shall be completed and submitted to the EEOS with in ______. In the event of a complex invesitagation, an extension shall be requested to the appropriate _____

60 calendar days
Assistant Commissioner


Tribute of Mourning Ribbon: Wearing is approved for all statewide officer line of duty deaths, including allied agencies. They shall be worn at all freeway ________ for fallen uniformed members of the CHP



Jurisdiction on Indian Reservations: CHP _____enforce CVC infractions committed by tribal members on their own reservation. CDL, reg, admin per se ____ be enforced. This does not apply to non tribal members or members of a tribe on another reservation.

shall not