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Data from the National Latino and Asian American Study (NLAAS) and National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCSR) indicate that:

Mexican Americans have higher rates of major depressive disorder than non-Latino White Americans and, among Mexican Americans, those born in the United States have higher rates than those who are immigrants.


Adults who are classified as __________ on the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) deny or devalue the importance of their early attachment relationships or provide contradictory information about them.



Crowding: Gender Differences

Women cope with crowding better than men in laboratory settings, and men cope with crowding better in residential settings.


What is the least predictive of offenders re-offending, and which are the most?

Least: # of previous offenses
More: Age at first contact with the law; length of incarceration of first offense; age at commencement of first offense.


Can you offer or trade free counseling to someone who will advertise for you in public news?

Nope, this is unethical.


What is the most likely reason that someone will prematurely drop out of group?



In a supervisory relationship, your intern is treated rudely by a client, and then treats you rudely. What process is this an example of?

Parallel Process


What construct has been shown to moderate the relationship between authoritative parenting and scholastic achievement in adolescents



Research on sexual abuse has shown what?

- The younger the child the more detrimental the effects
- The older the perpetrator the more detrimental the effects
- IF perpetrator is a family member the effects are worse.


Ridley addressed mistrust between AA clients and their clinicians. What client presentation does Ridley state is the most important factor for distrust in

A confluent paranoiac presentation (high cultural and functional paranoia). This type of client has been shown to do better with a clinician of the same presentation


What is an example of a good primary prevention program?

Program informing the public about the negative effects of alcohol abuse


When working with African American clients, clinicians should remember that past experiences of living in a racist society may have resulted in internalized powerlessness. In that case, what approach could you use?

Problem-solving, Time-limited, Goal-directed


The RANCHO Scale of Cognitive Functioning -Revised

Level 8 result would infer that the individual is alert, oriented, able to integrate remote and recent events BUT may have some impairments in judging and planning and/or abstract reasoning.


What is the Montessori Method based on?

All learning stems from sensory perception


Research investigating the impact of examiner race on African American children on IQ tests show what?

That it is their performance is affected more by the examiner's testing experience and attitudes than by their race.


What type of approach does HO recommend to take when working with African American clients?

An ECO-STRUCTURAL approach; Also known as Multisystems Model (Boyd-Franklin)


What does Sue say about "gift-giving" when working with Asian American clients?

Gift giving is encouraged during the initial therapy sessions to help reduce premature termination from therapy


With regard to women and men in the workplace and sexual harassment?

Females will be significantly more likely than males to rate behaviors of the employers as sexual harassment, but only for those that are mild to moderate in severity


According to Kinder & Sears, what is symbolic racism rooted in?

The belief that members of minority groups undermine American values


For gay and lesbian adolescents, the most reported presenting concern at social service agencies is what?

Social and Emotional Isolation


In the White Racial Identity Development model by Helms, what Information Processing Strategy (IPS) is characteristic of the Reintegration status?

Selective perception and negative out-group distortion


In Helms White Racial Identity Model, what are the 6 Statuses or Stages?

I. Contact (IPS= Denial, Obliviousness)
II. Disintegration (IPS=
III. Reintegration (IPS= Idealizing white society/Denigration of minority groups)
IV. Psuedo-Independence (IPS=
V. Immersion/Emersion (IPS=
VI. Autonomy (IPS= Flexibility, Complexity)


What topics are related to the Psychology of Oppression?

Motivations, Emotions, Ambitions, and Ideals


A, M, and Sue's Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model's 5 STAGES

1. Conformity
2. Dissonance
3. Resistance & Immersion
4. Introspection
5. Integrative Awareness


At which stage of identity development would an African American client likely prefer an African American therapist?

Immersion- Emmersion; because in beginning of this stage an AA individual immerses into their own culture.


In a study of pain and depression in older vs younger people, what were the results?

Younger people complained of more pain and more depression.


3 forms of Microaggressions as relayed by SUE et al..

Micro-invalidation- Exclude or nullify reality.
IE: "I don't see color" or "There's only one race, the human race"
Micro-Assault- Racial derogations that are violent verbally or non-verbally, meant to hurt the victim
IE: name calling, avoidance, purposeful discriminatory actions
Micro-Insult- Remarks or comments that are rude, insensitive, or demeaning