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What does the term "Anadromous" mean?

Fish that move from fresh water to salt water and then back again.


If fat as an energy storage light or heavy?

Fat is a lighter source of energy storage.


What are some external migration cues?

Photoperiod (Longer or shorter days), Shifting seasons (Temp and precipitation levels change), Food and water availability.


What are some internal migration cues?

Circadian Rhythm (The Organism's Internal Calendar), Fat Reserves (Low or high fat reserves), Sexual Maturity (Hormones trigger innate desire to reproduce)


Why do Organisms migrate?

For Food, Better shelter, and to Reproduce.


What are the common methods of navigation?

Solar Navigation (Sun Compass), Stellar Navigation (Star Compass), Earth's Magnetic Compass, Landmarks, Smells, sounds, Topographical memory (Visual cues).