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Define countertransference

When clinicians lose their objectivity and clarity because of their own personal issues, which interferes with their work


Example of counter transference

A woman therapist who is having trouble with her own marriage counsels a couple in marital crisis


Dif between empathy and sympathy

Empathy- understanding feelings without actually feeling them
Sympathy-feeling for someone, sharing same feelings as someone


Name and describe five distortions of CBT

Should statements- attempt to motivate ourselves but is more likely to make us feel anxious or depressed
Labeling- calling ourselves names (to feel worse)
Magnification- over emphasizing the importance of one negative situation
All or nothing thinking- black and white
Mind reading- assuming you know what others are thinking about you


Why is advice giving not part of counseling? What can happen if it is practiced? Why is it problematic?

because we are supposed to help give them the tools to solve their problems themselves not tell them exactly what they should do. If we tell them what to do and it doesn’t work it’ll likely be bad for the counselor and the client


Example of qualitative research

What is the relationship between student athletes and anxiety


Example of quantitative research question

What number of student athletes have anxiety


What is the dif between psychiatrists and other mental health professionals

Psychiatrists can prescribe drugs and went to med school


What is one benefit of the power imbalance theory

When the clients perceive the counselor as a person of authority and expertise, they are more likely to experience hope that the process will help them


Define unconditional positive regard

The counselor does not evaluate or judge clients actions or statements, behavior is viewed naturally and all people are worthy of respect


Primary empathy example of a client after a recent breakup

I can see that you are sad


Advanced empathy example of a client after a recent breakup

I can see that you are sad, But I wonder if you’re also angry because you spent so much time that you think is now wasted”


Why is using evidence based theories and interventions important?

It’s reliable and valid due to the facts and research,
It helps the client know they will get the help they need since it is reliable


What is the main goal of existential therapy

Help a client find meaning within their suffering


One benefit and one limitation to person centered therapy

Benefit: client is more confident with themselves and their emotions
Limitation:not enough structure


Describe the intervention of externalizing the problem from narrative therapy and how it can benefit the client

Helps the client realize their problem is not a part of who they are. (Naming the problem is an example)