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What is the WaterFall lifecycle.

- Software is devloped in a line or fashion Each Stae is chcekd before moving on.


What is agile Methodologies

- Focuses on the idea of requirements constantly change during software devlopment process.


What is extreme programming?

- A type of agile software devlopment processs
- Emphasis on pair programming code review and unit testing.


What is spiral programming?

- Combines iterative development with the systematic aspects of the waterfall model.
- Each time the cycle is completed the customer supplies feedback and risk analysis looks at the possibility.


What is Rapid Application development?

- Prototype is built and the user is consulted.
- Modifications added as the solution develops
- Produce successive prototypes with progressive increases in functionality.


What are the advantages of the Waterfall cycle?

- Simple to understand
- Each to manage since each stage has clear deliveries and well-defined boundaries.


What are the disadvantages of the Waterfall lifecycle?

- Lack of flexbility
- No working software produced until late during the life cycle.
- End user is removed from development.


What are the advantages of the Agile methodology?

- Quality of the code high
- Efficient code / few bugs
- Deliver customervalue faster
- Having short development cycles


What are the disadvantages of agile methodologies?

- Increased development costs
- Heavy collaboration required.
- Embedded end user required.