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calculated by height and weight

Body Mass Index (BMI)


100 compressions should be performed in one minute

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)


to relieve inflammation with discomfort; used if body fluids or irritant chemicals contact the eyes (flush for up to 15 minutes)

Eye Irrigation


typically used to wrap the ankle

Figure-Eight Bandage


place tape measure at the most prominent part of the forehead, often one to two fingers above the eyebrows

Infant Head Measurement


used to test for color vision

Ishihara Eye Chart


measures the oxygen level in the blood (place on finger or ear lobe)

Pulse Oximetry


collected from the throat (oral)

Streptococcal Test


monitors cardiovascular capacity during a period of increasingly strenuous exercise while the patient is using a treadmill (patient sweating is normal and the test should be continued without interruption)

Stress Test


always a concern so as not to injure the patient or healthcare worker (always use correct body mechanics, like bending at the knees when lifting)

Transferring a Patient


uses a visual acuity chart to test distance visual acuity; uses capital letters of different sizes to test vision on the literate adult; conducted from 20 feet away

Vision Test


must perform quality control (QC) on a scale by balancing the scale first before starting; patients having difficulty walking/standing may place walker over the scale

Weighing a Patient


always clean in a circular motion from inward to outward; if a culture is taken, then include in the documentation any recent patient use of antibiotics

Wound Care


a series of x-ray images taken from different angles using computer processing to create cross-sectional images or slices of bones, blood vessels and soft tissue inside the body; sometimes a contrast is used to enhance visibility

Computerized Axial Tomography (CT or CAT Scan)


a special solution to help highlight the areas of the body being examined that blocks x-rays and appears white on images, which can emphasize the image; some patients who are allergic to shellfish can also have an allergy to this dye (must ask patient about shellfish allergies)

CT Contrast


used to examine and see inside the structures of the eye



used to look into the ear



instrument used to measure blood pressure



make sure all employees are aware of the emergency exit in case of a fire PASS: sequence of operating a fire extinguisher -Pull the pin -Aim at the base of the fire -Squeeze the handle -Sweep back and forth

Fire Safety


a local facility that is able to provide immediate free and expert treatment advice and assistance over the telephone in case of exposure to poisonous or hazardous substances -if the office receives a call about someone who has ingested a hazardous chemical, refer them to the Poison Control Center

Poison Control


take the patient to a private area so as not to disturb the other patents that might be in the waiting area or within earshot

Angry Patients


-clean up spills immediately -put up appropriate signage when floors have been recently mopped -avoid throw rugs; use nonskid rugs instead -be aware of cords to prevent a trip hazard -close cabinet doors and other doors when done -do not stand on a surface that has wheels -maintain and uncluttered environment -be familiar with safety signs, symbols and labels



-studies people in their work environments and how work is most efficiently performed -commonly used to refer to safe lifting techniques -health care workers are especially prone to back and knee injuries due to improper/too much lifting when assisting patients -proper lifting technique: bending at the hips and knees instead of the back, avoiding awkward positions/twisting, holding load as close to body as possible, keep wide base of support, maintain good posture



-injuries of these types can cause burns, shock and death by electrocution -CMA must be careful to avoid electrical hazards as well as work to prevent situations to patients/coworkers -should inspect all wires/cords before use, tape cords to floors/walls when necessary, keep electricity and water separated at all times, be aware of location of circuit breakers in case of emergency, do not touch a person after an electrical accident before disconnecting the source of power

Electrical Safety


-cigarette or any other type of smoking -faulty or improperly used equipment -be alert for frayed wires, split cords or overloaded extension cords

Fire Hazards


acronym referring to steps taken when responding to a fire in a health care facility R: rescue anyone directly threatened by the fire, patients being the priority, placing them in a nearby room behind a closed door A: activate the emergency response system when a fire is discovered by puling emergency alarms C: confine the fire by closing all facility doors E: extinguish the fire only if it is small enough for an extinguisher to handle



-means to conform to a certain rule and report if that rule(s) are not being followed -usually refers to either the patient following their recommended plan of care/treatment or a hospital following state/federal guidelines -CMA is mandated to report of any health care noncompliance to the appropriate governing bodies

Compliance Reporting


-CMA must report any type of dangerous behavior such as substance abuse in a colleague to a supervisor or anything else that poses a serious threat to people's/patient's safety

Reporting Unsafe Activities & Behaviors


-if a CMA has committed and error, it must be reported in order to fix the problem as best as possible

Disclosing Errors in Patient Care


-fraud: individual knowingly deceives health benefit program to obtain said benefits -waste: entails an overuse of services that results in unnecessary costs to the system -abuse: occurs when a patient misrepresents the facts of their case to obtain payment for services for which they were not legally entitled -CMA should report any of these cases to proper authorities

Insurance Fraud, Waste and Abuse