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What are the parts of the inferior mediastinum?

1. anterior mediastinum: between the sternum and the pericardium

2. middle mediastinum: pericardial sac and its contents

3. posterior mediastinum: behind the pericardium and extends inferiorly between the diaphragm and the posterior chest wall


What does the anterior mediastinum contain?

Thymus and adipose tissue


What are the borders of the superior mediastinum?

Posterior to manubrium
Anterior to bodies of 1st 4 thoracic vertebrae

Superior boundary: oblique plane passing from jugular notch up and posteriorly to superior border of T1
Inferior border: transverse plane passing from sternum angle to intervertebral disc between vertebra T4/5
Lateral border: mediastinal part of parietal pleura


How does the superior vena cava form?

- formed by asymmetric union of right and left brachiocephalic veins
- Left brachiocephalic crosses posteriorly to manubrium to join right brachiocephalic to form SVC
- Also very close to manubrium (veins sit more anterior than arteries)


What is the path of the brachiocephalic trunk?

- origin behind manubrium slightly anterior to other branches
- ascends, crossing over to the right side of the trachea
- At sternoclavicular joingt branches into:
- Right common carotid artery
- Right subclavian artery


What is the relation of the left phrenic and vagus nerve to the aortic arch?

pass anterior to the arch.


What are the branches of the right vagus nerve?

oesophageal, cardiac and pulmonary plexus


What are the branches of the left vagus nerve?

- Oespahgus, pulmonary, cardiac plexus
- Left recurrent laryngeal nerve