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a weakened virus that can replicate to a limited extent

wont cause disease in a healthy person, will cause disease in an unhealthy person


When is Hep-B given?



why are particular immunizations given at 1 year?

particular ones are given (chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella) wait a year because they are live attenuated that must infect cells to get the effect (immune response). Before a year. Child may have maternal antibodies that would inactivate the virus.


Vaccination of someone who is immunocompromised

Immunocompromsied - live, attenuated are contraindicated in immunocompromised individuals

-think about person with B cell and/or t cell deficiency, if they got a live attenuated virus, it wouldn’t react the way it would in others (quickly cleared), it can cause disease in someone who is immunocompromised.

-when oral polio (live attenuated) was used, some poeople who were immunocompromsied (aids, chemo) ended up getting disease. Major reason we switched to inactivated.


what happened to the sequel infection of measles (SSPE)?

10 years after vaccinations began, the 10 year sequele SSPE disease dropped off





Dt and Td


lower case = lower concentrations

DTP - diptheria, pertussis, teteanus. used to be whole bacteria that woas strong adjuvant

new version is DTaP = accellular components = 3-4 components of pertussis that are highly purified

Tdap given later in life. people had stronger reactions of diptheria and pertussis boosters, so they are decreased "lower case"

boost for diptheria and tetanus

killed polio vaccine


why was oral polio vaccine (ORV) taken off market?

caused polio in some immunocompromised


when is MMR given? why?

MMR - must wait till 12 months old so maternal antibodies don’t inhibit the live attenuated virus from starting the infection and giving immunity


congenital rubella and vaccination

If woman who was pregnant got rubella in 1st trimester, 95% chance child will be severely harmed.
-brain damage
-hearing loss
-vision loss

Major cause of abortions. If woman knew she got rubella during first two trimesters she would get abortion

After vaccines - rubella declined, children born with rubella declined, number of terminations also declines

Rubella was the least problematic, except for pregnant women



HIB - polysaccharide vaccine (1) which is crosslinked to tetanus toxoid that acts as a carirer to help stim t-cells. Poly stimulate T-cells.


70% of cervical cancer is caused by

HPV types 16 and 18


rabies treatment for exposure to unvaccinated vs previously vaccinated

Not immunized but exposed - Get rabies immunoglobulin and vaccine on day 0. get vaccine on 0,3,7,14

IF you have been immunized - don’t get immunoglobulin, get vaccine booster


when is Tdap given?

later in life, Tdap given later in life. people had stronger reactions of diptheria and pertussis boosters, so they are decreased "lower case"


what are Dt and Td for?

diptheria and tetanus boosters

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