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the hepatitis viruses are closely related to each other TF



why are the symptoms of hepatitis viral infections similar?

they all infect hepatocytes. All can cause acute hepatitis, treated with supported care


All of the heptitis viruses can cause what? How do you treat it?

acute hepatitis - treat with supportive care


Which hepatitis viruses have a vaccine?

only A and B have vaccines


how are the hepatitis viruses transmitted?

a = fecal oral

B&C are birth/sex/blood transmitted


diagnosis of hepatitisviruses

by serology

Hep A - IgM = acute, IgG = recov/vaccinated

Hep B - Viral surface antigen = acute, IgG against viral surface antigen = recovered/vaccinated

Hep C - EIA = real or false positive, confirm with RIBA


________ can cause chronic hepatitis leading to cirrhosis and/or cancer.


B and C

Polymerase inhibitors + IFN = many side effects, ineffective

second gen protease inhibitors good for type 1, have own side effects

Third gen antivirals (2014) show amazing results but very expensive


why do patients look towards alternative medicine? should we care?

grueling treatment and uncertain prognosis for second gen-treatment for chronic hep B and C (and very high cost of third gen) causes patients to look towards alternative medicine

its important to know what the patient is taking to check for interactions with the western medicine you have prescribed


______produces a lot of non infective “decoy” particles that preoccupies the antibodies



Traveling to _____ is a red flag for ______

Egypt, Hep C


_________ can cause extra-hepatic diseases

antibody/antigen deposition diseases. Lots of decoy protein, huge amount of antibody in blood, some of these complexes get stuck in small blood vascularture (kindney and joints)


problem with IV interferon?

normally interferon gets released locally around the infection to reduce synthesis

with IV, it gets into every cell

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