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What is non-violence?

Non-violent resistance is a civilian-based method used to wage conflict through social, psychological, economic and political means, without the threat or use of violence


What is the overall objective of non-violence?

To shift the power balance


Which are the two types of non-violence?

-Principled non-violence
-Strategic non-violence


What is principled non-violence?

Grounded in religious and /or ethically based injunctions against violence


What is strategic non-violence?

Grounded in cost-benefit analysis


Which are the four possible outcomes of non-violence?

-Conversion: adoption of the non-violent group's point of view

-Accommodation: concessions, with no fundamental change of mind, in order to minimize potential losses

-Non-violent coercion: concessions, once the group has succeeded in severely undermining the elite's power

-Disintegration: the ruling entity ceases to exist


What are marches and demonstrations?

Non-violent public mass actions of support for/against a political cause


What is civil disobedience?

A public, non-violent and conscientious act contrary to law, which intends to bring about a change in the policies or laws of the government


What is understood by 'unjust law'?

Human law that is not rooted in eternal and natural law, that degrades human personality


What is a genocide?

Coordinated acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group


Which are the four forms of third-party involvement in conflict?

-Election observation
-Humanitarian intervention
-NATO missions


What is an embargo?

Any prohibition of trade with a particular nation-state or group of nation-states