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Which bone is the only movable bone of the skull?

The Mandible
(also the strongest and largest of the facial bones)


The Mandible is comprised of:

Alveolar Process
-house the mandibular teeth
Body: Heavy, horizontal portion
Ramus: Vertical portion


The Mandible is also know as what?
hint: use laymen's term

the Lower Jaw


What is on the Body of the Mandible: External Surface

1. Mental Protuberance
2. Mental Foramen
-Separates alveolar process and body
3. External Oblique Ridge
4. Angle of the Mandible
-body and ramus junction


What is on the Body of the Mandible: Internal Surface (the side where the tongue is)

5. Lingual Foramen
-below the incisors
6. Genial Tubercules
-projections that go around the Lingual Foramen
7. Digastric Fossa
-inferior or below the Genial Tubercules
8. Mylohyoid Line/Ridge
-attachment for mylohyoid and creates 2 fossae
9. Mandibular Foramen
-an opening


Cont'd Internal Surface of the Body of the Mandible....

Sublingual Fossa
-hold our sublingual gland (around the anterior teeth) ant.& supr. to the hyoid line
Submandibular Fossa
-house the submandibular gland (around the molar teeth) post.& infer. to the hyoid line
Retromolar Triangle/Pad
-Bony landmark (post. to the distal of molar)
-bony projection on the foramen


The Mylohyoid Ridge is between....

the Sublingual Fossa and Submandibular Fossa